Prayer Shawls

Meet my mom, Beverly.  Mom has been crocheting prayer shawls for my patients, members of her community and her church for several years.  When I meet someone who is going through a life event and needs a boost of prayer, mom has asked for me to give them a prayer shawl so they can be wrapped in prayer and feel the Lord's presence with them.  

I don't know how many prayer shawls I have given to my patients, but they are always received with tears of love.  I know that hope, faith and love make the world a better place.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate my mom's blessing to my patients.  I love you, Mom! ❤❤❤


October 1, 2020

Mom was in an accident with her car.  She tried to get back into her car while it was moving.  She fell and the tire ran over her leg.   She has been in the loving care of my brother and sister-in-law in Ohio.  She has required a lot of support but she is tough and healing is happening!   

Please keep her in your prayers.  

December 1, 2020

Mom continues to heal.  She is seeing her specialist every week at the Cleveland Clinic for care and help with her leg.  She has some pain but is walking!  She has been in great spirits.  She is a courageous woman and is determined to heal.  

Please continue your prayers for her.  I so appreciate everyone's love and support.

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2021

Mom arrived in NC last weekend!  She has had tremendous improvement in her healing process!

Thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement!  

March 2021 - Still healing.  Therapy for balance and walking are going well. Thanks  for all the prayers and well wishes!

April 2021

Healing is complete!  Therapy is still in progress to build strength and endurance.  Hopefully, mom will be moving back to her own home in May!  Thanks to all for your prayers.  

Glory to God!

July, 2021

Mom spent the summer in western North Carolina.  She spent 3 days a week in physical therapy gaining strength and endurance.  Her wounds are healed, her balance is better, her strength has improved and above all ---her faith is strong!

I drove her home the last week of July where she is spending the remainder of the summer.  She is living alone and getting along pretty well.  

Thank you to all who held her up in prayer!  I so appreciate the concern and caring for my mother, my son, my practice and my life.  I am so blessed!

May 2022

Mom spent the winter in WNC and returned to her home in Michigan  at  the beginning of spring.  She is doing very well and is looking forward to returning to WNC sometime this summer!  Thank you to all who keep her in your prayers!