About Dr. Patti

~ Dr. Sparling is a native of northern Michigan. She graduated from Alpena High School in Alpena, MI.  

Alpena is located in northeast lower Michigan on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. 

Alpena, MI

Attended Michigan Technological University  1978-1982

Associate in Science -Nursing (1986)  Alpena Community College.  

Bachelor in Science - Nursing (1996)  Excelsior College.  

 Master of Science - Nursing (2004)  Western Carolina University 

Doctor of Nursing Practice (2017) Western Carolina University 

Dr. Sparling is a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners,

 the North Carolina Nurses Association and 

Sigma Theta Tau, nurse's honor society.

~ Dr. Sparling has been practicing in Western North Carolina since 2005. 

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

North Carolina Nurses Association

Sigma Theta Tau

Alpena, Michigan

Way up north!

Michigan Tech 

Winter Carnival

Beautiful Smoky Mountains